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Re: Synvisc injections

nana b, sounds like you are having a rough time of it - I'm so sorry!

I just found out, that we still don't know whether my insurance is going to cover the injections for me.... They said they make the decision on a case by case basis. Meaning, that I have to decide to do it or not regardless of the insurance. If I do, they will bill and only then will we know whether or not it is going to be covered! If it is covered, I won't know until they process it what my out of pocket is and if they don't, it all falls to me. How frickin' absurd is that?!

The doctor's office did have another method to try - ordering the drug through a specialized pharmacy and going through my prescription benefits. They should know immediately one way or another if it is covered and what my costs will be. Talk about jumping through hoops!

In the meantime, the supplements and/or the acupuncture seems to have helped with the sharp pains. I haven't had any spells that have left me shaky and nauseous and that is good! But I am still dealing with an almost constant level of pain ranging from a low 2 to a high 4, enough to leave me having difficulty sleeping some nights and in tears because I just can't get a break. I think that is probably the hardest part for me, the mental struggle, just how draining it all is. Not to mention thinking over every little thing; anticipating every step and analyzing every activity. Ugh! OK, done with the pity party now!