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Is this a burn? (with picture)

ok i had a hiv scare recently but was told my test result was conclusive at 6 weeks negative.

about a month ago now, i was microwaving a curry meal from the microwaves at the 1000 watts (i think? anyway, the hottest setting) for about 3 minute. when i took it out, i stupidly dropped the food all over my hands which i ran over the tap immediately and treated.

apparently according to my mother, some food splashed on my arms, on the underside. I didn't notice at the time however, and didn't tend to it, but my mother flicked it off a bit later. it has left a burn. where the HIV comes into this, is that i was worried this pink mark in the picture was kaposi's sarcoma, which is a hiv/aids skin cancer.

The burn stung on my arm, as do most burns i believe? the burn concerned me so in the shower, i picked at it, concerned it was this kaposi's sarcoma, and the irritated skin peeled off, leaving a fresh raw layer of skin underneath. this scabbed over. the scab remained for about 2 weeks, then I peeled it off, which may of been a bit premature. (it did come off easily though)

now about a month down the line, i am still left with this pink mark on my arm, it is a really weird shape. It's shaped like the letter 'Y' which leads me to believe it was the food that caused it.

It's very small but still pink. is it a scar? or is it just taking longer to heal? is it a burn at all?

p.s where the skin is pinker, is where the scab came off

any guesses would be really helpful
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