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Re: Does anyone NOT work due to neuropathy?

Originally Posted by leighallen View Post
My pain dr. told me that I need to be off work. He said that it may be conceivable that I will return, but he just doesn't know. I work in a factory right now, a lot of standing and on concrete with steel toed shoes. I'm about to start physical therapy 3x a week and psychological desensitization therapy 1x a week. Anyone have luck with either of these. I just wondered if I was being wimpy by not working. I have worked the same place for 22 years and this is very scary for me. Thanks!
Hi, I worked as a machinist for 17 years. I had a kidney transplant in 1997 and Drs believe I have SFN due to transplant medication. I reached the point where I hurt so bad I didn't think I make it through the day. Drs had me stop working, I was turn down for SS disability.
I went to phy therapy exercise acupuncture. Actually felt a little better after 8 months or so. I thought since social security denied my claim maybe I should try to return to work. I found an easier job with flexible hours. During my 3rd day back to work I knew I was in trouble. Drs increased pain meds to know avail. I gritted my way through 3 months and couldn't take it. My boss offered to let me take some time off. After 3-4
weeks of physical threrapy an rest an exercise I was feeling a little better. The company
I worked for asked me to work part time if I wanted to. Tried working 12-15 hours a week. After 2 weeks I had to call it quits, applied for social security and was awarded it.
Like alot of people say you wil have good days and bad. Mine have been mostly bad .
The thing is you don't know when you'll have good days. When you do you will usually have to pay for them with several bad days. So how can you work if you have no control over your own body.

So stop working and if your claim is disapproved file an appeal. Lawyers do it for a pct.
if they win your appeal. It's your money you worked hard for it and I understand it
was hard for me to get a grip on not working again too.