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Re: Synvisc injections

Originally Posted by nana b View Post
Have you found any new sleep positions - sleep is rough on me too. I am a side sleeper so I bend my knees during the night which makes the pain cycle start up.
I usually sleep on my side too. For me though, I think it is being in one position too long that bothers me more and sometimes it hurts to keep it straight and sometimes it is worse if it is bent. What seems to be most comfortable is just slightly bent and rolling almost onto my stomach with the bad knee on top. It's hard to describe, but usually I have my bad leg out in front - I think...

Oh, I almost forgot! I recently bought a neoprene knee wrap that holds an ice pack. It doesn't stay cold long enough to be a problem, so I put it on when I go to bed and take it off sometime during the night. I think it really helps me a lot!