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Re: travel and BPPV

Thanks so much for your response bindar... yes we did try the maneuvers however it lasted for two weeks and then came back i've done the maneuvers about 5 times over the last two years and it helps until i move again or do something to trigger it. i agree, the medication isn't very nice, i've been on it constantly for 6 months which was wonderful to be stable again, but i can't take it my whole life so i'm now in the process of stopping it gradually. the medication will help when and if i fly again. i am considering getting gommett tubes in for flying as this will help any pressure changes, but i dont want to do that too often either, its surgery and more trauma to the ear. Even though it was 4 years ago Its still really fresh in my mind and how painful it was when my ear blew, i guess i'm afraid it will blow out again.