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Re: Bilateral hypofunction

Thanks manybikes!

Things are tough, but I try to stay as active as possible, I wil not let this ruin my life. I am finding that it is important to push yourself, but dont push yourself over the edge.

I took a leave from work to let things settle down a bit but want to go back to work asap, I drive 50 miles each way on the highway and eight now I am still unable to drive. Fast moving objects give me a difficult time and throw me in a sort of spin.

how ling was it until you felt comfortable behind the wheel of a car?
I am getting the feeling the first year or two are tough with many peaks and valleys. The oscilopsia is my main distraction.

Many bikes:
how long was it unti you could read effectively without the brainfog ect....?
I still need an assistive device when going o busy places such as Wal Mart, Home depot, or sporting events---- I bring a cane or if it is reallly busy have used a wheelchair, feel bad about it but from a safety standpoint I have to.


do you still struggle with concentration lapses?

Thank you a million, you are my hero and someone I always keep in mind on the bad days, knowing there us a lght at the end of the tunnel.

I just wish I was more patient!
Manybikes, maybe having no function is better than having bad function in both ears, I don't know if I could live with vertigo from some of te stories I read maybe I am fortunate in some ways!

Talk soon my friend----- I consider you a role model.