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Re: 2nd surgery - positive for cancer

Originally Posted by anxiousagain View Post
This is precisely the reason I opted for a total thyroidectomy rather than a partial this week. The surgery itself wasn't that bad for me, but the breathing tube they put in really did a number on me. I'm still recovering and worried that I may never get my full voice back because of it. There is absolutely NO WAY I could endure a second surgery, so even though my surgeon said by looking at my suspicious nodule he was leaning toward benign, I don't regret taking the drastic approach the first time around. My final pathology will not be back until next week, which is when I'll know for sure. I'm so, so sorry you have to endure the double surgery. If you're not feeling up to it, postpone it. I've heard of a lot of surgeons who wait 6 weeks to 3 months for the second surgery to allow the patient to fully heal from the first one. Since the cancer is usually slow-growing anyway, you should not be putting yourself at risk by doing so. What kind of cancer did they ultimately find?
The results a got from the needle biopsy mentioned follicular neoplasm for one nodule and atypia of undertermined significance for the other. I'm not sure if the larger 6 cm nodule is cancerous or the smaller 1 1/2 cm. Of course I'm hoping its the smaller one because at my age, that will put me at stage II. If it was the larger one, it's stage III. I'm assuming it will be follicular because of the FNA report. I will find out for sure on Tuesday when I meet with the surgeon. I haven't even heard from my Endo since he ordered blood tests and sent me to the surgeon. At least the surgeon calls me back. But really, shouldn't the Endocrinologist have called at least once, if nothing more then to conform the Hashimoto's diagnosis?