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Unhappy Splinter hemorrhages, please I am scared!

Hello everyone, I have posted these a few times but never got any feedback so I decided to try once more.. 3 months ago I got 3 splinter hemorrhages at the very tip of my very short nails, I went to the doctor and they did a blood culture and an echo of my heart, they were checking to make sure that I did not have an infection of my heart valves (guess these can show up when you have it) but my test were normal. They did not last long because as I said my nails were very short. Last month I got one on the middle of my thumb and that started it. I currently have them on 6 of my nails and more the one or 2 on each nail. I am freaking out because I have health anxiety and of course I goggled it and discovered that if you have them on more then one or two nails its likely that you have something that's pretty serious going on. In April I had a blood culture done at the ER when I was having some pretty bad stomach pains and the tech drew the culture wrong from my IV, tipped the culture bottle up and some of the media re fluxed into my vein. Ever since this happened I have been plagued with all kinds of weird things health wise. First it was petechia, which I have never had before, swollen lymph nodes, headaches, body aches, palpation's (well worsening ones), rashes, being tired all the time and then finally these. Some of the other symptoms have let up some but some persist on and I cant help but think that something happened to me because of that media going into my vein. One other thing that I have noticed is that in the last month and a half my nails have become very rigid, you can feel the rigid when I rub my nail and you can see them, it looks ugly. I had basic blood work done and all was normal they said. I have been to the doctor and the dermatologist and I am set up to see an infectious disease doctor one the 25th. It has taken almost 3 months to get in there, but so far its like no one wants to help me.. I doubt I have the heart infection since the echo was normal though it is still possible I suppose I would be really sick but there are other things like cancer and such that really freak me out.. My right hand has been going numb at night and I mean really numb where I cant feel a thing, there is a spot on my back next to the spine on the left that keeps getting a numb feeling as well as both of my thighs.. Something is very wrong I think. Has anyone experience with a lot of splinter hemorrhages? I have 2 small children that need me and the way that things are going I feel like I may not be here for them and I am scared out of my mind.. Thanks for reading.

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