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Re: Post operative scar tissue

I had surgery on both hands in 2005. Then because I only waited 3 months in between the surgeries my right hand (first surgery) was doing all the work while my left hand was healing. I didn't give my right hand time to heal. This caused scar tissue to build up in the right hand making it necessary to have surgery a second time. You ask how you know that scar tissue has built up and the answer is that cts comes back all over again. All the numbness and pain came back. I had an orthopedic doctor do the surgeries the first time (through an HMO) where I used to live. Then my surgery in 2009 on my right hand was done by a hand specialist who gave me so much more advice and was great at fixing my cts. I still am working towards getting strength back into my hands, (I'm 54 and I sew a lot). But overall I'd say my second surgery was a success. I was told to massage the incision area to keep my right hand from forming scar tissue yet again. I wish that my first surgeries were done by the doctor who did my right hand a second time, but then I had moved to another state and now if I have any problems, I'll go back to him.