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Re: When can Hospice start?

Originally Posted by Gabriel View Post
For both my Mom and my Dad I requested a Hospice evaluation. Yes, it had to be approved by the doctor first but it was my request. You don't have to wait on the doctor to suggest it... The doctor just has to sign off on the evaluation. Then Hospice came in and did their evaluation. They were the ones that determined acceptance. Once they accepted Mom, they notified her doctor. I had opted to use the Hospice doctor so her previous doctor sent all the records to Hospice.

If there is a reason for a medical consult the Hospice nurse comes and evaluates. If necessary the Hospice doctor will come out as well. It is then up to them to determine treatment. Mom's Hospice nurse visits with her twice a week on a regular basis. So Mom actually sees more medical personnel now than she did before... she just doesn't have to go to the ER to see a nurse or doctor

Love, deb
Deb, thanks for the reply.

So far my FIL can still walk a little bit and he talks when he wants to talk although he does talk less and less this spring/summer. He does not understand the surroundings but he likes where he is. He is not in a wheelchair. The UTI has started but it is the first time in the home after 1 year.
I suspect starting next year, he will be in that shape when he cannot walk or talk well. Then we will think about hospice.
The other thing is, if you mention hospice too early, sometimes the people in the home may think you want him to die... But it is not my intention whatsoever. You know, how people misinterpret your motive?


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