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Re: weird sensation in my chest, not burning, but more electricity like.

ahh i posted this a long time ago.

tandem i hope some of this will help...

i was able to get rid of them by being diagnosed with a peptic ulcer and eating nothing but yogurt, and lots of potatoes for a while plus some weird drug (perriet) for a month, which cured the worst symptoms.

i do get them still once in a blue moon but know they are from my stomach. i don't have heartburn though i do get burping issues and that's when it happens. i am completely off ibuprofen now because that's what caused the ulcer. sometimes i try to get away with using it cuz i get bad headaches and pop! out goes my gut and the burps come and i'm getting the zaps again.

just learning which foods cause the bloat and burps and not eating before bed has helped tremendously. i also feel a lot better sleeping on my left side. not sure if that's ucler location related or what.

hope you all will get better and hope this info helps!

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