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Category 4 mammo US results

I have had what my gyn said was Fibrocystic breasts for at least 10 years. For the last year I kept going to him telling him that my left breast hurt so bad I could cut it off myself. He said just the FCD. I have a mammogram every year and a couple times I have had to have US on the right breast because of the cysts, but never the left one which is the hurting one.

So I went to a differetn gyn, a woman and she sent me for another mammogram and US on my left breast.

Here are my results
There is a 2.5 cm focus of asymmetric breast tissue with heterogeneous echogenicity and some shadowing. There is otherwise homogenous visualized breast parenchyma with no cystic or solid mass lesion identienfie

Asymmetric breast tissue at teh 6 o clock position left breast with some shadowing. Although this could be related to infectious or inflammatory etiology neoplasia cannot be excluded. Recommend and appropriate course of antibiotics follwed by ultrasound guided breast biopsy

Mammogram Code 4 Suspicious abnormality

My gyn put me on Duricef twice a day for 10 days and then wants the biopsy 2 weeks after this.

I have to say that so far no relief from the pain. I am very nervous and anxious about this. I had 2 aunts with breast cancer.

Anyone else have this finding and if so did it turn out benign, I hope???

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