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Re: Do you think in words or pictures?

Originally Posted by NDSFska View Post
I recently found out that most people think in words like a running dialogue in their heads. I was surprised to learn this because I've always thought in pictures. The only time I hear words in my head is if I'm thinking of something someone said to me or if I'm trying to plan out something I need to say to someone. But my normal moment-by-moment thought process is in pictures and colors and feelings.

Anyway, I'm curious. How do all of you think?
i've shortened your quote, and i'm late to this topic, but yes.. and a friend of mine told me i was strange one day because i assign colors to certain things or feelings.. it started with some drink and i told him it was bad because it's a red drink.. anyway!

i'm going to read the rest of this thread, but i'm happy to find someone else who thinks like i do! awesome!