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Re: Hope for Lisfranc--alone and no support

Nice list Spintrimmer. I, too was alone after my surgery, a flatfoot reconstruction. A few things that I found helpful...I actually got a walker and bought a tray for it to help carry things back and forth from the kitchen. I also put a small fridge next to my bed. I ordered the kneewalker online and it came in a day later. I actually turned my first one in earlier and upgraded to the atv version since I live out in the pine barrens with a gravel driveway and other uneven ground that the first one couldn't handle. This was necessary for me to go to the end of the driveway to get my mail. My smartphone was a real lifeline for me, giving me the ability to phone, text, go online, listen to music or read a book all in one device. If you don't have that have a WiFi laptop. My doctor has a PA who I was in touch with via email both before and after surgery. If not a PA, don't be shy to ask the Dr. to answer your questions. And most importantly, research and check out several doctors beforehand to get the one you like best.