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Re: Help from anybody please

Hi everybody

So just for the update last week I visited psychological/HIV specialist. He did not also believed in my risk exposure as I tried to describe. So I was so far diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and put on antidepressants. But he also mentioned that the tests are not 100% reliable anyway and told that I should talk to my girlfriend and take her for testing. I told her and she answered that I am crazy and she does not want the speak about this concern again. Also doctor ordered other test ( not HIV) like biochemistry test and complete blood screen. I called him last Friday and he told me that blood screen is still not there but results of bio is:

Glucose level - normal, diabetes excluded
Tsh hormone - normal, autoimmune dis excluded
Creatin level - normal, kidney function considered as ok
Cholesterol - little higher, I expected
Bilirubin, sat, alt - liver function, told that it is excellent may be hepatitis excluded

BUT I called him today I asked about blood screen and he told me that i should come anytime next week and he wants to discuss it personally and I do not have order myself which is weird.

I am still scared, antidepressants work little but oral thrush is still persistent and swolen nodes in my neck are still present. I need to solve this ASAP.