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Re: Help from anybody please

Originally Posted by Ales1980 View Post
Hi everybody

So just for the update last week I visited psychological/HIV specialist. He did not also believed in my risk exposure as I tried to describe. Agreed you had NO risk of HIV. So I was so far diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and put on antidepressants. I belive thats your health issue and hope the medication works. But he also mentioned that the tests are not 100% reliable HIV testss are 99.89% realiable, in medical terms thats 100%. No test can ever be 100%. Besides, you have tested many times, your HIV status is sound. anyway and told that I should talk to my girlfriend and take her for testing. I told her and she answered that I am crazy and she does not want the speak about this concern again. Also doctor ordered other test ( not HIV) like biochemistry test and complete blood screen. I called him last Friday and he told me that blood screen is still not there but results of bio is:

Glucose level - normal, diabetes excluded
Tsh hormone - normal, autoimmune dis excluded
Creatin level - normal, kidney function considered as ok
Cholesterol - little higher, I expected
Bilirubin, sat, alt - liver function, told that it is excellent may be hepatitis excluded

BUT I called him today I asked about blood screen and he told me that i should come anytime next week and he wants to discuss it personally and I do not have order myself which is weird. No,its quite normal, even to tell you their is nothing wrong.

I am still scared, antidepressants work little but oral thrush is still persistent and swolen nodes in my neck are still present. I need to solve this ASAP Then forget about HIV and will find the correct path to your answer as HIV is not it for you. The doctor is on the correct path with your mental health and i think that is your problem and maybe just a common viral infection that can run you down. So buddy, if you carry on this road of HIV your misses will just leave you and the doctors will ignore you and in the end you will belive your status, but all to late.
Best of luck in sorting this and im sure in time all will be fine once you work with your doctor