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Re: Palmo Plantar Psoriasis

Originally Posted by Todd74 View Post
Hi does anyone have this type of psoriasis?
I suffered from it since I was about 17 and back then was crippled by the pain from it and had to walk permanently on tiptoes as the only small area not affected was the ball in front of the big toe.
I was referred to numerous dermatologists and although several treatments were tried nothing really helped. The best way to manage it was to put my hands and feet in plastic bags with coal tar cream in to keep the cracks moist so they were not as painful.
For many years I have only had the occasional flare up but only very minor however recently it has come back with a vengeance and it is slowly spreading over a wider area of my hands and feet.
I am back to the same messy treatments to keep the cracked areas moist but wondered if anyone else had other methods of treatment that irk well.
Thanks in advance :-)
It was a relief to hear that it does go into remission occasionally.. I am in a lot of pain with mine right now. I soak the feet in epsom salts, aloe vera gel, and put lots of different creams on them.. Tell me are you a smoker? I have maybe one cigarette a day.. they say more folks get this that smoke.. I don't know.. wish there was a miracle! Where do you get the coal tar? Is that what made yours go away?

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