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my son had his CE exam yesterday. When his name was called I walk to the door with my son and asked the Psych. Dr. if he wanted the papers I brought,the Dr asked me if I was the mother, I said yes, and he wanted me to come in the interview room. The Dr. started asking my son how old he was, what was the date , ect. I mentioned that he can get very angry sometimes, and the Dr. asked my kid if he wanted to kill himself, well my son says yes to that quetion... He does not want to kill himself. My kid IQ ranges from in the high 50's to 60's . Even so I was embarsses. THen the Dr. says He thinks he's Bi Polar, I know my kid does NOT have that but I played it cool , I said I would take him to his regular DR. I was floored that this DR. could make that assumption is 5minutes. The Dr starts testing my kid, and my son could not do most of them. He asks him if he had friends, and my kid says he does not only at school, then he asks if he gets along with others , i said no, but then said he gets along better with adults. He asked my son has he ever worked, and my son said yes. The Dr. asks what? Washing tables and empty trash. The whole appointment time took 20 min.
now I am not sure if it went well , or if he will be denied becasue he had worked a minimul job ? Despite being disabled. Even if the amount earned was far below the SGA. PLus I told him that he "could get along better with adults" I was not thinking. I think the testing proved that he is delayed.
I did say that he needs a lot guideance, which is true. how long does it take after the CE to know a decision? And during the 5month waiting period for benefits do you get that amount in backpay? I cannot remember?

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