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Re: Questions?

Originally Posted by jgrangran View Post
mscat, I think you and your son will be okay try not to worry I know its hard. It should not even bee this way at all with all his records really what a waist of time for ssa and you guys I think your going to hear something in 14 days seems like my husband did and so did my brother in law. I wonder if you signed something for that dr. to sent the result to your childs DR. That might ease your mind some I am truly sorry that you have to worry but I understand why your are worrying I mean its ssa and nonthing is predictable. Hang in there I really believe they are going to do the right thing I really believe your sons going to get approved. I have missed talking to you and will get back later when I feel better I have had so much vertogo and dizzyness its hard to read are type but I care a lot about you and your son I know things will turn out the way they should. God Bless you Hang in there
Thank you so much jgrangran You have always been a wonderful support. no I did not sign anything for his records. I had not even thought about it. Maybe I can call and have them mail me a release of records. I would love to hear something in two weeks. SSA does put people in a bad place . I wish the system was easier, but some people apply that don't need to slowing it down for the rest of us. you are so positive and this really helps me feel better. I am sorry about the vertigo and dizzyness that sounds scary. Is that caused by your disability? Right now it is hard to type becasue everything is a Blur I need perscription glassess but cannot afford them. I am so glad that you are here because you great.