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Re: h pylori gone now stuck with gastritis

Originally Posted by dagmar68 View Post
thats just how i feel i went to the health food store and got some good probiotics , intestinew powder and tons of coconut water somethings got to help ...i also made an appointment in about 3 weeks they have a doctor coming there that will check my blood for everything .....wont hurt to see what he finds ....i ll keep u informed about the coconut water its suppose to help to calm the stomach and provide vitamins and minerals ...i know the other stuff will take a while to work maybe it can get me off the dexilant, i think my bloodpreasure medicine is way enough everyday i did not want to add to it ..i hope u everyone feels better real soon
Do you have major gas in your intestine? It's so pain and uncomfortable! I'm thinking to have a colonyscopy but afraid the drink solution would do harm/hurt our stomach lining! Would it??