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Re: h pylori gone now stuck with gastritis

Originally Posted by solofelix View Post
I have tried Aloe Vera Juice, Probiotics and Grapefruit Seed Extract.
Cant say they did anything really.
I tried Manuka Honey which made me feel fairly good in myself but bought me out in Thrush in my mouth (too much sugar).
Just have to keep trying!!.. Solofelix.
All of sudden my tongue is full of "taste bud" that inflamed, blood clot in gum area (side, upper region). Been for weeks.... subside a little but not gone. If I did a little hot, it comes up again. Don't know why. Have to keep put on Aloclar gel on my tongue.

Is Grapefruit seed extract safe for gastritis? I do not have Hpylori. I also taking lotsssssssss of other supplements. I don't know which really works but some of it certainly does help.

Now thinking would like to add Colostrum, Grapefruit Seed, Peppermint Oil, Oregano Oil, Quercetin. Is all these safe for us????

What about Turmeric & Ginger? Heard ot helps with inflammation but some web suggest to avoid it.