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Re: Energy is Up and Down - is this normal?

Originally Posted by nuttmegs17 View Post

I've been on my new dose for about 6 weeks. The last couple of weeks I am all over the board...I go from not being able to get out of bed tired, to almost think I'd be consistent one way or another, but its not. I was able to get through my cousins wedding weekend great - hardly even noticed low energy...but now that I'm back, it's like it's caught up with me and I'm having trouble getting out of bed.

When I brought this up to my doctor he seemed to think it was something OTHER than thryoid- he said i should be consistent at this point...

I guess i'm wondering if anyone else has gone through this? He recommended adding more cytomel to my routine but as all my other symptons are great for once (am no longer in pain, edema is down, etc) I'm really hesistant to add for fear of rocking the boat.

My levels are good but there is some room to play based on my labs (located in another post) which is why he recommended more cyto.

It's just difficult bc some days I'm great, and others the fatigue is just so extreme.....

Thanks for any feedback
and i should add that its not just the feeling of fatigue - even my breathing is much slower/deeper its crazy