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Can cellulitis show up again in another area??

A few weeks ago my husband had a nasty case of cellulitis.. on his right hand ring finger.. It was the grossest, most angry piece of nastiness I have ever seen with my own eyes.. any of you whom have had this or been witness to this kind of infection can relate, Im sure. He went to the hospital and they gave him IV antibiotics and let him leave giving him an IV left in and a minor dose of antibiotics given through the IV for 4 days. On the second day the nurse sent him back asking for a higher dosage. He got a higher dose and this seemed to take it away quickly then followed by a weeks worth of oral antibiotics. Things have been back to normal now for about 2 weeks. Today he has what seemed to be a boil on his right knee! It started to seep with little prompting and it looks scarily like the inflamtion on his finger. Can you have this sort of thing reoccur? in a different place? Im very worried that this may be something else that has been overlooked? The hospital where I live is not very helpful and thier dememor makes me feel .. stupid? Im sure anyone who has posted a question on this board can relate to this as well.. I have given him a salt water compress and ice.. and elevation just in case this is the same thing as his hand. In hindsight he has been very tired and lethargic ever since his first infection... it was easily swept under the carpet because the infection was not apparent anymore...
thank you in advance to those who choose to answer .. I appreciate it..

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