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Re: h pylori gone now stuck with gastritis

Originally Posted by dagmar68 View Post
The turmeric is suppose to help the inflammation i heard it helps a little but i never tried it .As far as ginger i know it helps the nausea but i cant use it since i have high bloodpreasure i tried it once and my bloodpreasure went sky high even with my meds so its a no go for me but i hear a lot of people drink ginger tea for the stomach, i just drink Fennel and camomile tea with a lil honey .....i just started ultimate flora critical care 50 probiotics and i will see if they do something for me and this gastritis the coconut water has a nice taste and i guess the vitamins and minerals cant be bad .....but i wouldnt try to much at once .....

I have fennel seed with me. But, after chew some of it, do I need to swallow the whole seeds or spit out???

Heard that Manuka Honey was very acidic, but it was said to help with gastritis and taken empty stomach.