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Re: New here; but an SI veteran

Im not sure exacly what you mean by SI abstinance.. Is it just simply not Self injuring? Making a vow to yourself that you won't self harm? I actually haven't heard of that before. In my opinion, as with any addiction, trying to stop cold turkey often times proves to be extremely difficult. For myself, harm reduction is better for me because I am always so hard on myself as it is and for me to set a goal to just not hurt myself anymore, would be setting myself up for failure, because i am human and life does happen. My counselor also reccomended harm reduction for me in the past and has always told me "its not a good thing, but its a better thing to do in comparison." So, yeah, harm reduction has definitely helped me out a lot. Sorry, I don't know much about the SAFE program other than merely hearing of the name.