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Re: Energy is Up and Down - is this normal?


I've been on my new dose for about 6 weeks. The last couple of weeks I am all over the board...I go from not being able to get out of bed tired, to almost think I'd be consistent one way or another, but its not. I was able to get through my cousins wedding weekend great - hardly even noticed low energy...but now that I'm back, it's like it's caught up with me and I'm having trouble getting out of bed.

Gotta love blood chemistry. Okay it takes 2 weeks for your thyroid adjustment to reach optimal levels in your blood stream. However it takes an additional 2-4 weeks for your symptoms to stabilize. You have waited long enough and can check your levels with another TSH, FT4, and FT3 blood test.

When I brought this up to my doctor he seemed to think it was something OTHER than thryoid- he said i should be consistent at this point...

Hum. Was he looking at your blood results? What were your last lab results and ranges. The way to get the most help is to share your lab results with us. We can only give general advice on symptoms. A lot of things can be going on. You are still under medicated. You may have thyroid balance issue due to conversion difficulties. Adrenal gland conversion issues. RT3 over conversion and more. Your FT3 and FT4 levels and ratio can tell us and you a lot if you know how to read them.

I guess i'm wondering if anyone else has gone through this?

Yes ma'am. SOurce? Hypoadrenalism and suboptimal thyroid levels for me.

My levels are good but there is some room to play based on my labs (located in another post) which is why he recommended more cyto.

It's just difficult bc some days I'm great, and others the fatigue is just so extreme.....

I need to see your labs and ranges before I can give you any more detailed advice.

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