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Re: Energy is Up and Down - is this normal?

[QUOTE=nuttmegs17;4829627]Thank you SO MUCH for looking!!
FT4 1.3 RANGE: .8-1.8 ng/dL
Just in case you do not know how to analyze your results:
.5/(1.8-.8)=.5*100=50% of normal range.

If you are menopausal your are right in the middle of optimal range. If you are not you are just outside the 60-80% optimal range. If your optimal is 60%. You are close if it is 80% you still need a good bit of adjustment.

FT3 3.5 RANGE: 2.3-4.2 pg/mL
One more time!
1.2/(4.2-2.3)=0.6316*100=63.2% of normal range.
Depending on if you are meno or not. You are either just inside optimal range or just above it. What stands out the most to me is thyroid hormonal balance. Currently you are 13% higher in T3 than in T4. Balanced thyroid hormones are when your T3&4 levels are within 5-10% of each other. It is rare to have them at identical values in range, but it dies happen on occassion. For me it was when I was at 10% of normal range. Ugh!

Antibodies: 347 RANGE: lesss than 35
Didvhe tell you had HASHIMOTO's? There are a lot of antibodies out there. TPO AB?
Please tell me not ANA, those are about 40 years out of date. Antiques even.

Reverse T3 31 RANGE: 11-32
You are a bit high in range, meaning your body like to convert your T4 into useless RT3. Think of RT3 as the Splenda version of T3.

curious what you think?
Remember that old wives tell about curiosity....
Any who this is what I think. You need a T4 increase before a T3 increase. If you told me the dosage of meds your were on I could do a rough calculation of how much. 25 mcg jump may be too much. I would probably push for a 12.5 increase if I was you and premeno.

my doc wants to add more cytomel to my regim but others have thought perhaps adding armour for both t4 and t3 is a better a standstill at this point.

No to the T3 and Armour for now IMPO. Why? T3 would increase the T4:T3 imbalance. Armour may be a good topper to your current regime but you should try and start with a balanced T4:3 ratio first. Get the t4 and t3 Balanced and then think about adding a T4/3 combo like Armour.

I am making an assumption here. You are currently on both T4 and T3 supplements correct? If you tell me pre/post meno, that would help me as well.

Hope you find this helps you.
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