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Question itchy bumps on back of hand... won't go away!

they are spread out like a rash, originally there was one fat one in the middle of the back of my hand about 1/3 of a centimeter... first pic is back of left hand... 2nd is back of right... 3rd is forearm on right... all the bumps are pretty similar

I dont have them anywhere else on my body, and they don't seem to be going away

I did research and i've read a few places they are maybe "flat warts", but they dont really look like warts... if they are warts, does that mean I have HPV? What else could they be?

the new ones that form almost start out looking like small bubbles and itch a bit, then flatten a bit (and become less itchy) as time goes on

if they are flat warts, why do I only really have them on the backs of my hands instead of my face/arms/forehand? they don't look remotely cauliflowerish like a typical wart, so common, plantar, and subungal warts are out of the question...

is it possible it's a allergic reaction to something or a bug bite, or would those eventually go away within a few weeks (where these have been around longer)?


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