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Hi all,

ive discovered this forum recently i my goal to find out what is going on with my gf.
I really think she has some degree of adrenal fatigue, so we went to her doc.

He says it is post viral pfeiffer (Infectious mononucleosis)
even 2 years after she was diagnosed with it.

Does anyone here know of ever heared of this viral infection lingering that long or being associated with the same symptoms as adrenal fatigue?
She also has hypothyroidism.

I showed the doc a really long list with syptoms, and I dont believe they are all due to Infectious mononucleosis.

I have searched the net about this and also this forum but vccannot find much correlation between Infectious mononucleosis and adrenal fatigue.

So perhaps some of you can show me in the right direction.
Thank you

(PS: dont mindm y english, im Dutch )

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