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asthma and allergies? Can anyone provide any suggestions please?

Hi, this started about july 18th.

-It started with: a throat tickle/dryness & became a sore throat. Fatigue like you have when you have a cold/flu.

-Turned to: sore throat diminished over time, but then developed a cough & this weird feeling in my chest

-There were NO: fever, chills or runny nose

-First doctor visit: he said he didnt want to give antibiotics right away
-Second doctor visit: he said allergies & asthma (given inhalers) (I have a history of childhood asthma)

-Since I have been given the inhalers, I noticed the cough improved a lot, and went to the doctors afterwards for more follow ups, he listened to my back & said it was clearing up but keep the inhalers in case the cough comes back. I also asked for a blood test, but I didnt get called back since Im assuming it was ok.

-I get worried when it comes to health issues, so I went to a clinic for rapid insti hiv test, it was negative.

-Since this whole thing started, I noticed my chest hasnt felt the same since, and I have been spitting up phlegm sometimes, usually after waking up.

-Any thoughts or ideas? Can this be something other than allergies & asthma? Are there certain tests that I can do to confirm this?

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