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Re: weird sensation in my chest, not burning, but more electricity like.

Hello everyone. I was just release from the hospital this morning. I have been having very similar symptoms as described by you all.

I am not sure if all my symptoms are related, but I think they are. It started out with my having those pinching feelings around my left chest...the ones you get when you have trapped gas. That I can tolerate. But now, I have been having this really weird sensation just as I am at the cusp of sleep. Seems like just when my body starts to feels like an electric shock/pulse sensation radiates from my chest area up to my throat. It instantly wakes me up. There is NO pain associated with this....just a very short shock type feeling. It also seems to make my lips feel numb. The worst part of these episodes besides being that they happen over and over again and won't let me fall asleep. As soon as I fall asleep...Bam...and I am up. This will happen many many times a night. Then, I will finally fall asleep in the early morning from complete exhaustion. I am scared out of my mind. I feel tortured. Yesterday I was feeling weak and dizzy at work so I came home early. As I tried to lie happens again....this time my lips got all numb and the fingertips on my right hand went numb.....I was feeling really weird and sick so I drove myself to the ER. The did EKG....blood test..stress test...and everything came back normal except for they said I was having anxiety attacks. Well anyone would have a dang anxiety attack if they were going thru these I "know" that the anxiety is a result of the episode and not the other way around. I have an appointment with my regular Dr. tomorrow, I sure hope she can give me some answers. I think I need a ultrasound of my stomach to see if something is putting pressure on my vagus nerve. That is the only thing I can come up with that seems close to what I am feeling. I think that there is something in my abdomen....maybe a hiatal hernia or something that triggers pressure on the vagus nerve when my body begins to relax......I am scared to death to sleep...if feels like my heart stops beating for a second and my body freaks out and kick starts I know it is not my heart........I really hope someone on here can get some answers. Everything I have read that is even remotely close to my symptoms.....there are no is truly torture.