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Re: electric/shock sensation while falling asleep?

I have been having the same exact thing for the past week or so. They seem to be getting more frequent. I am scared to fall asleep even though I am exhausted. I went to the ER yesterday and they kept me over night for observation..but NOTHING. I tried to explain to them what I am feeling, but the dr. just kept cutting me off and telling me about GERD and heartburn....I tried to explain that there is no real "pain" from this...more like an electrical sensation of some kind...or an nerve or something. I am sooo frustrated that I cried almost all day today because I feel like they are not listening to me. Does this happen to you just as you are falling asleep??? LIke a shocking or pulse feeling that radiates from your chest??? Has it gone away? Or have you been to a Dr and had it treated? I am really starting to freak out. This is no way to live..being terrified to fall asleep. Please, if anyone else is having same symptoms...I need help..please.