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Re: will i ever stop coughing !!

thanks very much for your interest and advice ,yes the steroid inhaler seems to have helped me a great deal ,but i think it was the course of penicillin that finally stoped tickle in back of throat which started me coughing which then spirals into coughing fit ,after looking at a lot of other postings i have found many illnesses i haven`t even heard of !! but am now wondering if the root cause of my problem is in fact over production of mucus or at least some coming from my sinuses as i can make this fit in with my problems ,but i `m i just doing this to make an answer if you know what i mean i have found a link to some homeopathic remedy which claims to reduce the amount of mucus without drying out the throat so i`m off to order that. will post back later with any comments about this .