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Re: Basal Joint Surgery Procedures

Hi. I had this surgery on July 19th this year. I did not have a pin holding the wound up tendon in place. I was in a semi-hard cast (hard on the bottom, a little softer on the top) for ten days. On the 10th day I saw the doctor and had a splint custom made to fit my left hand. I wear it all the time, except when I shower. (I do "cheat" on occasion but not much.) I have seen the therapist once (August 19) and had the splint redone because the swelling had gone down and my splint was a little too loose.

I am doing very well - the pain I had before is essentially gone. At first of course there is some post-surgery pain but that diminishes after several days. I get occasional twinges but mostly I am very glad I decided to do the surgery. I am right handed, and next year I'll probably have the right hand done as I have basal joint arthritis in both hands. I am hoping I'll be able to go back to knitting, quilting, gardening, crocheting once my left hand is healed and I can use my thumb better.

I was really very frightened to have this surgery so I feel like I summoned up a lot of courage to do this. I even thought that if anyone asked me on the day of the surgery "Are you sure you want to have this?" I would have changed my mind on the spot and left the hospital! But I'm glad I did not. I had a lot of anxiety before the surgery, worrying I would cripple myself. I'm very glad to say that is not the case. I'm even typing this response to you with my left hand in the splint, typing nearly as fast as I used to before surgery. Good luck! Let me know if you have the surgery.