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osteochondral allograft transplant

I have a large-ish osteochondral defect on the weight-bearing surface of my lateral femoral condyle, from an old riding accident. It been scoped 4 times to retrieve loose bodies and generally tidy up, and has been gradually getting more and more painful over the years.

I've been referred on by 2 surgeons this year, and will see the third one in a couple of weeks, to discuss the 2nd one's recommendation.... an osteochondral allograft transplant. This is essentially a transplant of a portion of the lateral femoral condyle from a recently deceased tissue donor.

My question is, has anyone out there had this procedure? (I'm give to believe that it's not terribly common) What kind of result did you have? Do you have regrets about having it done, or do you recommend it?

The surgeon I will be seeing has been one of the pioneers of this procedure, so I have no doubt that I would be in good hands, but it involves 3 months non-weight-bearing post-op, and a lengthy rehab.... a far cry from the arthroscopic day surgery I was anticipating!

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