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Re: end of life...what will it be like

My dad had lung cancer... The dr's told us he would live 2 months. He ended up living almost four years before he died. At first he had good days and bad days but near the end all he could do was lay in his bed, very weak, could hardly speak or move. He ended up getting a big pressure sore on his butt and heels because we only helped him move to a different position every four hours... but we had no idea we were supposed to move him from side to side and on back every TWO hours. He got to where he couldn't/wouldn't eat due to getting sick. In the last 3 days before he died his breathing changed, it was very shallow and slow. He didn't move at all, didn't speak, his eyes were just looking straight ahead as if in coma even though we knew he was not cause when we held his hand and talked to him we would ask him to squeeze if he could hear and understand us, and he would but it was very slight, he was just too weak to hardly even blink. In the days leading up to his death he said he saw his brother, who had drowned when he was young. He also said he saw all kind of people who were dead and some he didn't know. In the last few minutes of his life, his breathing changed again from very shallow inhale and exhale to a very very short, faint, tiny inhale only... His adams apple was the only thing that would move as if gulping/swallowing but it was over pronounced as if a very weak gasp for air. Me and mom held his hands and told him we love him, he's been a great man, and that it's ok to go to heaven now, we'll miss him but we will see him again soon and not to worry, then we prayed for him and he died. I agree with the last poster.. It's as if they are hanging on either for fear of the after life, or for how it will effect the family. Months before he died, we had our pastor and church members come to the house regularly cause we wanted to give him a chance to save his soul (he was a non believer till he started seeing things and people we could not see and some of those things were pretty terrible from how he explained it) so he decided to get saved and follow God. It gave him a lot of peace and he was so much less scared.... I hope you all and your grandmom find peace and comfort through all of this. Hang in there, cause it's not an easy thing to see someone you love die this way but you will get through it.