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Question Curettage and Electrodesiccation -Healing ??

Hi All,
a week ago I went in for treatment of Squamous cell Carcinoma on my right calf. When the derm did the Curettage & Electrodesiccation, he told me that it shouldn't get infected and to leave the bandage on for 2 days then take it off and let it dry out. Now I know this is way more invasive than the biopsy itself was, as that healed quickly and with no pain. This however is in it's 8th day, the area around the actual site is all red and still very tender. It isn't hot like it's infected nor does the site itself hurt, rather the red around the site. For the most part it has pretty much scabbed up BUT, it just seems like the actual part that is scabbing up is getting bigger and bigger. Like the red tender part around the surgery site, is splitting or making the site bigger? Does that make sense? I just don't know if it's supposed to hurt this long? Or maybe because I'm on my feet at work, it's going to take longer to heal? Or if it's actually infected. Can anyone out there tell me what I should be expecting? My doctor promptly went on vacation the day he did my surgery and his office is closed:confused

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