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Re: end of life...what will it be like

Bunni - My sister had pancreatic cancer and passed away at age 62. The doctors kept saying that she had some sort of mass but that they couldn't biopsy it because it was too close to the liver. Her only symptoms were back pain. They gave her morphine for the pain, and she also took Percocet.
Neither of us had any idea that she was slowly dying. I am telling you this so that you will know that people with pancreas cancer do not necessarily suffer. One day, she woke up and her skin was jaundiced. She didn't feel well, and we decided that she should go to the hospital.
They operated on her and said that they could not cure her but that they had fixed it so that she would not suffer by relieving pressure caused by the tumor. She did not suffer because the doctor made sure that she was comfortable by giving her IV pain meds. She died peacefully about four days after she entered the hospital. I'm sure that your mom will go peacefully when the time comes. Try to be strong. I am so sorry for you and your family! Mabent