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Re: Basal Joint Surgery Procedures


Yes I did have the coiled tendon put in the space where my trapezium bone had been. The surgery your doctor wants to do was the 3rd option my doctor mentioned to me (the first was to fuse the bones so the thumb would have limited movement - sounded extremely awful to me so I never considered that.) The option you describe was told to me by my doctor to involve suturing the thumb bone to the pointer finger bone (bottom of both bones) and the sutures would stay in place for an indeterminate amount of time. He did not mention using a pin to hold that space open. (Frankly I'm glad because the idea of a pin being in place sort of grosses me out. But that's just me.) And he did also mention that the space would fill in eventually with scar tissue and such. I decided NOT to try that kind of surgery because Dr. Stutzman said it was still a relatively "new" procedure and had not been taking place for a very long time - I think he said it's been used for the past 10 years or so. And no one is certain how long that set of sutures would hold the bones in place. The theory was that the scar tissue would fill in enough (like the rolled up tendon thing I opted for) and even if the sutures broke eventually, it should hold. It sounded like a possibility, but I liked what I had been reading on the web about the type of surgery I had. My doctor stayed very straight-faced - he didn't try to influence me for any one of the three options. He let me decide for myself. I'm glad I did what I did because it worked out so beautifully for me. I just saw him today for my 2nd post-op visit and he was quite pleased to hear me say, when he asked about pain,and I answered "Minimal - an occasional twinge but that's all."

It's up to me to decide when to have the right hand done. I know I'll have it done eventually, but I'm still splinted on the left hand. I want to be sure I have almost complete use of the left hand before I do the right. He said Im going about it the right way - wait until I'm comfortable with the timing of doing the right hand, and be sure I am back up to par with my left hand before deciding to do the right hand.

Hope this helps. I'll look forward to hearing back from you.

p.s. Today is my birthday!