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Re: Can Ankylosing Spondylitis or other Spondyloarthropy Disease = debilitating fatig

Hi JennyBYC, thanks for the info!

The rheumy I went to told me she didn't need to see me again...which was confusing b/c I was pretty ready for some help in diagnosing what has been causing joint pain and neck pain, along with burning extremities, numbish type pain, tingling hands & feet, insomnia, ringing ears, several heart symptoms, iritis, fog vision, recurring bladder infections, trouble thinking of simple words, oh and sometimes I can pick up a book and a finger will hurt as if there's an extra little piece of bone under my skin and it actually makes a cracking sound...soles of feet can have the same feeling...etc. I though of the joint pain as another clue to my puzzle...and who better to help but a rheumatologist...apparently it is a more vague symptom than I thought.

Also, I felt like maybe whatever I have is taking years to develop enough to be more, the "I don't need to see you back" was unexpected. I also kind of expected them to do another MRI, since they had a baseline from years ago and now I was having new symptoms.

I don't have the same type of fatigue that you describe....I do not ever feel sleepy (which is another strange symptom...I haven't felt sleepy or felt myself falling asleep for years, since this illness began!). It is more of a feeling like, I just spent 20 hours in labor, and now it's 3 am, and I have the flu (minus the other symptoms), type of exhaustion...a very sick, unhealthy feeling. It sounds like an exaggeration, but, sadly it's not. Does this brand of fatigue sound like it belongs in the world of arthritis type problems? How about my additional symptoms?

at one point in 08' my rheumatoid factor 59.7....but I don't know if that is anything....nothing ever came of it.