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Unhappy Bipolar bf who chronically masterbates

I have been dating my bf for four months but we have been hanging out for 6 months. We both love each other and I have never had such an amazing emotional connection like I have with him but we are having a bit of a sexual incompatibility issue and I don't know what to do. Ok he is bipolar and has an extremely high drive and I have a low drive. We both knew this going into the relationship but decided wh would hit that road when we got there. Well about 3 months in we bought the book "When your sex drives don't match" and we worked all the exercises and had sex and things were great. Well my problem I have been having is we will have sex and he will get off and often we will have sex again and again and again. Ok so five mins after this he has to masturbate in front of me and then we might make out and then he will have to masturbate in front of me again or go to the bathroom and do it. It's like it takes me forever to get him off and then five mins later he is getting him self off and it takes him no time. I mean I have even been with him where he masturbated up to seven times in a two hour period or less. He says he does this so he will not pressure me for sex but It makes me feel like I will never be able to keep up with him and fully satisfy him. I have been with several guys that have a high drive and if I do not want to mess around with them they would just deal with it. I love him but he doesn't think he has a problem and maybe he doesn't but I feel it is disrespectful for him to have to masturbate sooo much and especially in front of me and right after I've gotten him off or had sex with him too for that matter. I hate to lose what we have but I don't know if I can handle being with him doing this for the long haul. What should I do?

Btw he is 24 and I am 27

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