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Re: Anal sphincter repair

ang 4

You have good reason to feel angry and to even be depressed. I watched "Soul Surfer" the other night. It is a good movie to rent for anyone facing catastrophic problems. It shows what we are able to overcome, or deal with, esp. if we have a personal relationship with Christ. The young girl looses her arm to a shark while surfing, and is determined to surf again. It is a true story.

One thing I do know is that Satan loves to keep us down and defeated and even sometimes mad at God. But if we stay in that place we will never rise above our trials. So give yourself permission to grieve and then put on your armor and charge forth to make your life better with whatever your circumstances are. You will heal better and your family will have a mom back, and you will start feeling better emotionally. Sometimes we have to literally "act" our way into a new way of thinking. I will put you on my prayer list. Thanks for your words of encouragement. You are worse off than I am, and you will find others worse off than you. We need to all be lifting each other up.