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Re: stool impacted and feel likeim in labor

Hey, I'm sorry to hear and I know what it's like to feel like you're giving birth during a BM. Cold Sweats beating on your forehead, turd just stuck there while your stomach is contracting. It sucks really bad.
I don't know you or your habits, but I would take a look at what you're eating. 15 years ago, I was eating Nabisco Products by the package and was binding myself up and this is what started my birthing poops and led to years of my insides coming out my hole. I finally had 3 large Internal Hemoroids removed 6 months ago and lucky to feel like I can live a normal life again.
If the damage hasn't been done yet, you gotta look at your diet and just try cutting out Breads, Cheeses, Large servings of Meat, or anything else that binds you up. Metimucial can be your friend as you can mix up a glass real quick and drink it when you eat these types of foods.
But if you can figure out why you're getting bound up, and if it's food related, you can avoid years of misery and major surgery later on in life.
Just adding laxatives may not do the trick, take a look and see if you're diet is causing your blockages.
I'm not a know it all, but I know what I did wrong when I was younger and paid the price.
Hope that helps.