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Originally Posted by cvcman View Post
I had mine last October and I will tell you it was probably the easiest thing I have ever done and im the biggest chicken there is !!! I would rather have the angio then an IV....I didnt feel a thing and remember are in VERY good hands.
I had mine thru the wrist because im not overweight and have normal size wrists so that was the best. I had an LAD stent at the same time and was back home a few hours later and biking a day or so after...It really is a pc of cake, no lie
Thank you so much for that CVCMAN. I've been so concerned and haven't spoken to anyone about my fear, putting on a brave face for my family and pretending I'm fine about it. Your post has eased my mind somewhat. I suppose the waiting for the hospital appointment hasn't helped. I would have preferred it if the Consultant had said he would do it there and then before I had time to think.
Thanks again. I'll post when I get the date for the procedure and let you know how I fared after it's done.
Bless you.