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85 days late with brown discharge and no blood

I am 23 years old and not on the pill. I haven't been on the pill in almost 2 years. I am also not as sexually active as I was 2 years ago. At first my periods were slightly irregular and I figured it was from coming off the pill. I finally got into a regular 28 day cycle and had been for several months. Now there has been no sign of my period since May 14 when I ended my last cycle. At first I thought it might have been stress, but this is getting ridiculous. I also took a few pregnancy tests a few weeks apart when I was 2 weeks late. They were both negative. So I ruled out being pregnant. However, at the beginning of this week I started having cramps which I normally get before my period. Instead I have had a brown sludgy discharge with no odor for days. Now I'm worried that something might be wrong and that I need to go see a doctor. The only issue is that I don't have time because I work full time and go to school full time. Is this something I should seriously worry about?

By the way, I started having periods when I was 11 and between then and 16 I was also very irregular, going several months without a period. At age 16 is when I first started the pill.

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