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Hello all - I'm new to site - but have a question that has been bothering me for a while. I am dating a man who has been divorced for 6 months (but separated for 4 years) The really odd thing was that the mother lived in the same house for those 4 years in separate rooms. They lived separate lives but they felt it was better for the 3 boys to stay together for a while (boys are 17, 20 and 25) - this too I thought was odd. The eldest has anxiety problems and doesn't leave house much, won't travel except to work and diagnoses himself with medical problems all the time, the middle boy (age 20) is never home, is lazy and "appears" to be spaced out all the time, and the youngest has a "mental" disorder which my boyfriend states is because he had seizures as a child. He says the child has the mind of a ten year old, has ADHD and has motor skill issues. The mother recently moved out (about 3 months ago) and does not have a relationship with the 3 boys. Boys live with dad (my boyfriend). What I see going on now is horrible. My boyfriend seems to be "buying" their love now. He gives them money, always buys things for them. Which I guess could be guilt. But the thing that bothers me the most is this. The youngest never showers or brushes his teeth. We just got back from 8 days of vacation and he only took 1 shower and brushed his teeth one time. My boyfriend does not encourage hygiene and only laughs about it when I bring it up. He says that's just the way he is. The child also does and says annoying things all the time and talks about stealing things and doing things that are completely outrageous and his dad does nothing. This child is annoying to no end and the father (my boyfriend) says nothing nor corrects him or disciplines him. He just ignores the ignorance and the obnoxious behavior. The middle child is never home, and my boyfriend does not ever know where he is. This child has come home numerous times with the car crashed up or wheels off car and has no idea what happened. My boyfriend just takes the car, gets it fixed and hands him the keys back. The car he uses was bought by my boyfriend and given to him and my boyfriend fills the car up with gas every week for him He has no job nor intends to get one. He is in college (part-time), and my boyfriend is "okay" with this. I am concerened mostly of these two boys - mostly because of the hygiene issues, and the fact that my boyfriend does "everything" for the youngest one. He gets up in the morning and makes him coffee (even puts in the sugar and cream), makes him breakfast, and serves it to him. Runs all over the house when he wants something, etc. When this boy yells for his dad to come look at something on the tv or computer, he runs to him. He will even yell from his bedroom - hey dad get me a soda - and his dad does. I don't think this is healthy at all. This kid is more than capable of doing all this himself. When I asked the boy why he does this - he answers because I'm lazy. I tried talking to my boyfriend about this, he got angry and told me that "I just don't understand". I'm not sure what to do as it is really getting on my nerves. I think he should encourage the kid to do things on himself and teach him responsibility but he gets angry at me when I say that. I'm so afraid to say anything anymore, but I cant' sit back and watch this behavior either. What is it I'm missing here?

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