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All the symptom's of stomach cancer but do you think it is?

Hi there, sorry about the lenth but if anyone could come up with any suggestions that would give me a idea then that would be gladly appreciated.

I am a 18 year old male and I have been experiencing symptoms of that have the hints of cancer. Now i know it is extremely rare to have stomach cancer younger than 50 year old never mind at 18 but, although it is rare it is possible. I have a severe pain in my stomach, mainly in the middle but all around. I also am experiencing immense tiredness, no matter how much sleep I get I will be exausted and nearly falling asleep, for example three days ago I had 17 hours while waking up and then had to force myself to get up and go to work, where I got sent home from 1 minute into my shift for not being well. Also when I go to the toilet I sometimes, not always, have blood in my stool. Now I realise this may be just a cut or something similar but I am not sure.

Another thing is that I used to eat for fun but wasn't ever able to put on weight, well anything except chocolate which I am not the biggest fan of, but now I struggle to eat. Let me rephrase that I have no problems eating and drinking but I lack the appetite I once had, but this could be due to just a natural loss of appetite. I also am burping constantly whereas I never used to burp at all, excluding the odd time here and there. I'm starting to get a mixture of constipation and diahhrea. What I mean by that is that I feel constipated for a long time and when I finally am able to go to the toilet its turning out to be diarreah. I'm also feeling sick quite a bit of the time.

The thing is that I had blood tests done a few months ago but the doctors informed me my blood was perfect. Also I have been to my doctor of 14 years 3 times for this and each time it has got worse and worse. He just keeps dismissing my claims and prescribes me ranatadine which doesn't seem to be working. This doctor doesn't seem to take patients opinions into question so I have requested to see another doctor tomorrow which is what im going to do, but since my appointment isn't for 17 more hours I was hoping I could get some opinions of the people on here please.

Thanks for your time all of you who will read over this and give replys.

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