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Re: Constant Lightheadedness/Nausea/Fatigue

Hello There,
I started with the same symptoms that you are experiencing, on one of my many spell episodes I was taken to the ER due to a head concussion, so I undergo several neurological test, clearing them all negative, the neurologist, decided he had to rule out my brain and he felt it was time for me to see a cardiologist. So I did and after numerous test the only one that came out with a positive result was the Tilt Table Test, as to based on those results I was diagnosed at first with Nerocardiogenic Syncope, but thanks to newer researches done by doctors, the latest test that was performed by a specialist of the brain, the new term for this illness is Neurally Mediated Hypotension, also known as (NMH)

this is an illness that we will deal with it for the rest of our lives. Be strong about it, you are not alone with it, and the main focus is to Never, Ever loose faith for a cure