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Unhappy Re: Bipolar bf who chronically masterbates

First off thank you for your response. I do masturbate him sometimes several times and when we have sex it is usually at least four times in a one to two hour period. To give you a better idea this is how it goes. If I don't want to have sex I will get him off once or twice. Within five mins he usually goes to the bathroom to get off . Comes back and in less than 20 mins gets off in front of me and then sometimes again. If we have sex he gets off and then within absolutely no rest time can go again and this just keep on untill I can't do it anymore. I told him that I think he might have a problem and he said he felt he was normal and just had a high drive that I couldn't keep up with and that he felt I was trying to control the way he released himself. Anways I just wanted to reply to your questions about my thread but he wound up breaking up with me because I couldn't deal with him doing this. Said I did it for him on an emotional level and if it was just that he'd marry me tomorrow but we didn't click on a physical level.