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Exclamation Misdiagnosed Lymes Disease

For 12 years I was in a litteral HELL! I suffered with Chronic fatigue, brain fog, memory problems, joint pain, bone pain, panic attacks, leg jerks, shortness of breath, blurred vision, vertigo, dizziness, sleep paralasis, mild sleep apnea, muscle weakness, ow blood sugar, mood swings, phobias,etc.

I searched online constantly and must have visited over 20 DR.s and had testing upon testing to figure out was wrong with me, of course I usually got what alot on her got "Its all in your head." :P

Then I read about lymes disease and i went ah ha, these people have ALL the symptoms I myself have suffered with and I knew I had been bitten by a tick on the scalp when I was a child. So I got a test done. Lyme titer came back positive and western blot only showed 40 or the 41kd band and one other band so was determined to be an indeterminent Western Blot. Dr. was unsure if I really had it or not due to this but treated me with a month of IV Rocephen as well as follow up abx. I did not get better, so once again it was all in my head.

Finally on a whim, because my kids were a bit underweight, I had my two children tested for Celiac Disease, an auto immune disease against wheat/barley/rye/spelt/kamut/n often oats. One tested positive the other just under the cut off. So I tested and myself just under the cut off. However Celiac is genetic and their father perfectly healthy his whole life so being sick as I was and knowing my father bloated terribly too eating breads etc. I was sure I was actually positive. The test is only 75% accurate in the first place.

So after going gluten free my symptoms began to melt away. The sever panic attacks I had had for over 17 years *POOF* disappeared, the fatigue, brain fog, fatigue and all the symptoms slowly began to lift as well. I was released from a nightmarish prison.

I know not everyone her with negative lymes test, or positive tests have Celiac as I do, however I am CERTAIN there are a few who do and if I can help just ONE person be free from prison? Well thats why I am writting this.

One thing though, if you are diagnosed positive or close to positive (ask for the test values!) it is HARD to get out all gluten and people who THINK they are eating gluten free and see no results thus giving up, may have missed their chance for freedom. Gluten is in so many food people do not realize!

Even crosscontamination will keep a Celiac sick, meaning if you are eating something like lays potatoe chips that have no gluten ingrediant you will still get 100-3000 ppm of gluten simply because the product ran across the same belt. IT ONLY TAKES 50ppm to KEEP you sick! So do the research and find out how to go TRULY Gluten Free, not even ONE bite intentionally.

Also most DO go through detox so to speak and you often get sicker the first 1-3 months before you get better.

Celiac is often diagnose easily when you have the typical symptoms...bloating, gas, diahrea, but some of us dont ever present with these symptoms.

I pray at least one person who actually has Celiac Disease passes by this thread and reads it finding freedom from prison as I have. <3

God Bless!!!

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